Seattle Fashion Academy
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Designer: Candace Cantaloupe

Photographer: Ian Alexander

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Is Seattle Fashion Academy for you?

Students of all ages and abilities are welcome at Seattle Fashion Academy. No prior knowledge, ability, or experience is required or presumed. Imaginative, creative beginning students are particularly encouraged!

Academy instructors are all experienced, talented professionals currently working in fashion. Their teaching methods emphasize fundamental fashion design principles and helping students fully understand and master subject matter. By focusing on mastery of core skills, students will develop the confidence to tackle more difficult projects.

Small class sizes are an important and effective element of the SFA approach. Class sizes rarely exceed 10 students. This enables instructors to treat every student as an individual.

Students are encouraged to develop their own style as they design and produce their apparel. The goal for students at SFA is to demonstrate mastery in the skills they are taught, not to reproduce a particular look, and to understand the elements of good design, not to learn a single approach to design.

SFA accepts the reality that people come in as many different shapes and sizes as there are humans. The fashion industry as a whole employs mass production techniques and standard sizing that allow clothes to be made cheaply and quickly. At SFA, we teach you how to make high-quality, beautiful clothes to fit your body, instead of expecting your body to fit the clothes.

 Hai Nguyen

Hai Nguyen