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Meet The Director

Candace Cantaloupe has been creating clothes ever since she discovered the family
sewing machine. She taught herself to sew through countless projects (octopus hat,
anyone?) and a business selling handmade accessories and apparel. However, self-
education has its limitations. Candace realized she needed to learn the fundamentals of
pattern making techniques in order create better fitting and professional looking
garments. She enrolled in the New York Fashion Academy to learn the skills like pattern
making and high-end sewing techniques that are needed to create a quality garment
from vision to conception.

After finishing the program and earning a Certificate of Mastery in Fashion Design and
Construction, Candace began teaching classes, then moved into an assistant director
role. Altogether, she has been learning, teaching, and leading at the academy for over
a decade.

Prior to studying fashion, Candace studied Biology and Environmental Science,
teaching classes in science and art while running a business selling unique handmade
items like bloomers and reversible skirts. She now draws from her varied experience
teaching and her deep love and knowledge of pattern making, design, and construction
to help people create their fashion dreams.

Through her leadership of the Seattle Fashion Academy, Candace is honored to
continue the legacy of Terry Horlamus and NYFA, and will continue the core curriculum
and couture techniques.